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Since the early 1980s Autobahn Imports in Eugene Oregon has kept all my cars from breaking down unexpectedly.Their knowledge of cars, honesty, integrity, personalized service, fair pricing gets 5 star rating from Becky.



Professional Auto Repair Eugene

Reliable, trustworthy auto mechanics are essential in today’s world. I have always received professional service in a timely fashion for a good price. I recommend Autobahn Imports in Eugene frequently to friends and associates.

– Dan Bryant.


Good Car Mechanic Eugene

Autobahn Imports has repaired my cars since 1980. They are top notch technicians who can rebuild an entire engine and also diagnose difficult car problems. I know a good repair shop when I see one.

– Fred Schneider.


Reliable Auto Mechanics Eugene

Visit the Auto Repair Shop that can do it all in Eugene. They do it  right the first time. I recommend  Autobahn for all your car needs. Experienced, honest and good people to do business with.

– Charlotte Louth.


Autobahn Imports called me to remind me my Mini Cooper needed an oil change.The best part was the oil and filter change was given to me free. Thanks guys.

– Martha Sutton  

Just wanted to say that Autobahn Imports saved the day for us! Our BMW
broke down while we were traveling in the Eugene area, and we needed
emergency service on a weekend. Being from out of town, we called the
local BMW dealership, but they were of absolutely no help to us at

Eventually we came upon Autobahn Imports – who was the only BMW
repair shop in Eugene open on a Saturday. The mechanic ‘Dan’ could not
have been more helpful or professional. He went out of his way to help
us, both with the repair and with getting us to the wedding we were in
town for. The repairs were completed ahead of the estimated time
frame, and we were on our way!

Three cheers for Autobahn Imports, and their entire staff. Goes to
show there are still folks in this World who care, and who come
through when you really need them!

Andrew Feldon


I called Autobahn Imports from the road in Southern Oregon.  In the middle of my drive from San Francisco to Seattle my engine case came loose on one side and started making a horrible sound.  When I called them at 3:30pm and told them the story they were very helpful and told me to bring my car in.  I made it to their shop right before closing and they took the time to do an inspection and reattach the engine case.  Not only did they fix me up, they didn’t charge me for the great service.  They just asked me to write a review. So there you have it, I’m one happy customer and I plan to schedule my oil change with them on my way back down to the Bay Area.  Thanks!

– Nadia.


My power window failed in my Isuzu. After going thru several switches I took the car to Autobahn Imports. Within an hour they figured out I needed some electrical part. To save me money they bought a recycled part and got it working right. My car was repaired the same day at a very reasonable cost. If I need any car repair this is where I’ll go again.

– Betty


Mercedes E320:

I have complete confidence taking my E320 to Autobahn Imports for repairs. Brian the service writer has sufficient knowledge to give you the answers on the spot and give you the cost of the repair and technicians do a great job to fix the problem the first time.

From: NM of Springfield, OR on August 30, 2011


I have had several substandard experiences working on my vehicle in the past. I was a little concerned with the appearance of the old service station that is Autobahn Imports, however the experience with the staff was outstanding. Beginning with the genuine concern for me, my vehicle, and my safety. Brian at the front desk was knowledgeable, courteous and able to take the “sting” out of unexpected repairs by taking me through my needs step by step. I haven’t always gotten to meet the service staff, but the mechanic Dan came in and was intelligent, personable, and seemed the professional thru and thru. The facility was exceptionally clean and warm I would call it comfortable. All be the decor dated and needing a facelift. The employees make up for a lot. My car was looked at without an appointment, and I was on the road same day without hassle. I hope the owner of that company reads these (I asked, Brian seemed to be but said he was not) because these men do him an outstanding justice when he is out of the office.

– Robert.               Jan 13th 2012


A review about Autobahn Imports.

Very pleased with the service I received. Like Shaun, I too am a female and didn’t feel disrespected. They listened and went the extra mile to try and sort out the issue with my car. Having just bought this older Jag, I know that Autobahn will be my mechanic for all it’s future needs. Thanks guys!

– Marni.         April 13th 2012.


 Submitted on 2012/08/13 at 2:04 pm

I brought in my 2002 Eurovan camper which was having starting problems during hot weather. This ongoing problem has occurred for years, and was not solved by my dealer replacing the starter, ignition and relays. I brought it in to Autobahn while on vacation and within three hours they researched, diagnosed and solved my starting problem without any new parts. WOW. Thier staff was friendly, competent and efficient….and are truly advocates for great automobiles. I look forward to returning the next time I’m on vacation with the need for a great shop. Thanks Much! 

Quality 3 / 3 Appeal 3 / 3 Service 3 / 3 

I took my really high mileage Subaru into Autobahn after hearing some scary diagnoses from other shops around. The mechanic was very responsive and straight with me, giving me great advice on what services were needed now and what could wait until a little later — he even found some things that the other guys obviously overlooked. The turnaround after dropping my car off was very quick and while I had been dissatisfied with service from other shops, I was immediately surprised at how well my car handled driving it off the lot. I love driving my car again, and I feel so much more confident and safe. The repairs and tune-up were spot on, and I feel really good about the service plan that we set up for future repairs. I’m sure that I will be able to drive this car a lot longer now and will definitely be bringing it back to Autobahn. These guys really know how to make cars run well and talked to me like I was a person capable of rational thought. I’m glad to be confident that I can trust my mechanic.

 – Adam Taylor


Guy T. Anderson says:
November 30, 2012 at 1:39 pm

The absolute best kept secret in Eugene auto repair. Thorough, friendly, highly skilled, professional, and above all, honest. These folks stand behind their work(rarely necessary) and are extremely customer oriented. They will take the time to explain the work that has been or needs to be done and why, help you anticipate any future work to expect and guide you to effectively taking care of your automobile. I’ve been using this shop for auto and pickup repair since February 2007 after they were recommended to me by Knecht’s Auto Parts. What a great referral as I’ve never been anything but completely satisfied with their work.


Jean-Michel Lattaro writes:

As we were driving from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, our radiator fan sort-a, kind-a blew up… We showed up at Autobahn Import unannounced and were welcomed very nicely. After quickly looking under the van, they realized what the problem was. Although they didn’t have the fan on location, they were super-nice, printing out off the internet the diagram of the missing part, recommending a neighbouring garage who had the part and charging me… 0.00$, nothing, nada, NOT A PENNY !! Wow !

Shop Rating: Excellent
Report Date: 07.15.2013


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