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Auto Club Lists Top Ten Reasons for Car Breakdowns !!

Poorly maintained tires, batteries and vehicle fluids are among the 10 most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California.Based on roadside assistance data from Auto Club contracted tow truck operators, the Club’s Top Ten List of maintenance-related car breakdown causes (not necessarily ranked in order of frequency) are:

 Ignoring brake noises or warnings.
Ignoring fluid leaks.
 Ignoring dashboard warning signs or gauges.
Worn battery or bad battery connection.
Worn or cracked belts or hoses/loose hose or belt connection.
Not checking or changing fluids.
Not rotating, aligning or inflating tires.
Worn universal/constant velocity joints on drive shaft.

Ignoring noise or vibrations from water pump.
Not changing fuel filter.

“Inadequate car maintenance means increased business for tow truck operators, but it also means costly delays and repairs for motorists,” said Dean Holte, manager of the Emergency Road Service program. “The Auto Club wants to remind drivers that a little time and money spent on regular maintenance goes a long way toward reducing the chances of a frustrating vehicle breakdown.”

Having said all that please allow me to address another very important subject. BBB has a very nice video on the web explaining the best form of communication with your Auto Technician. This simple method of communication will never fail to save you money. Watch the video and keep your money in your bank. Click the Link below:

BBB Auto Service, Repair Communication 101: A Video

BBB Video About Auto Maintenance Schedule

Useful Informational Links and Tips for car owners

Kelly Blue Book
Better Business Bureau online
Oregon Department of Transportation
Check for NHTSA safety recalls for your vehicle
Locate Technical Service Bulletins for your vehicle
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE)

Auto Manufacturer Links

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Autobahn imports Automotive Technicians in Eugene offer to inspect all these items in any car and give a written report at no cost to motorists.

Inspect Every Month:

Coolant Level
Check Exterior and Safety Lights
Engine Oil Level
Power Steering Fluid
Tire Pressures and Condition
Windshield Washer Fluid

Inspect Every 3 Months:

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Air Filter
Battery and Cables
Coolant Hoses
Coolant Level
Check Exterior and Safety Lights
Power Steering Fluid
Tire Pressures and Condition
Windshield Washer Fluid

Bring your vehicle in for a free safety inspection.