Autobahn Imports : Auto Repair and Parts Pricing Policy.

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At Autobahn Imports we make a serious attempt to keep the surprise element out of our loyal and dedicated customers Invoice. We accomplish this by quoting the repair cost ( from our industry standard labor rate guide ) upfront and seek your consent before proceeding to repair your vehicle.

All Auto Repair Shops make a profit when they buy and sell a part for your car, during the process of repairing your car. Profit margin varies from shop to shop and as a consumer, you are entitled to ask the percentage of profit the shop makes on any given part. At Autobahn Imports we effectively remove the parts price surprises by adding a fixed percentage of profit on all the parts we sell. We also do market research to stay competitive with our parts pricing.

In addition, we also warranty our parts prices to be the lowest by offering refunds, if you were to find the identical part by any other seller. This price matching is nothing new in the industry and it is widely practiced by all major retailers. Conditions for refund are the part should have been manufactured by the same manufacturer and it is not on inventory liquidation sale.

We have implemented these pricing measures to ensure our dedicated and loyal clients will receive quality repair services and parts from a consistent pricing structure while eliminating the Auto Repair Shop Invoice surprises.

Happy Motoring from the staff at Autobahn Imports.



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