Shop owners beware.

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An email scam going around to scam the garage owners. Protect yourself from the internet based scams.

From : Roy Martin  :

the estimate is reasonable by me and when the car is delivered i will come and pick it up whenever its ready meaning i want you to take your time to put the brakes in proper shape. I will be like to make a deposit with my credit card and i will like to make a deposit of 500 dollars prior the arrival of the vehicle and i will be needing a little favor from you,like i said earlier the Porsche is currently with the shipper and i would have loved to pay him myself but he does not have access to a credit card machine,the favor i need from you is to run 1300 dollars on my card then you remove the 500 dollars deposit and help me send the remaining to the shipper in so that he will be able to deliver the vehicle to you,he accepts upfront payment,kindly get back to me with my credit card details you will need for the payment and i will be glad to provide the information,also get back to me with your full address that he will deliver the vehicle to.Regards.

Prof. Martin Barry Roy
College of staten island.
Assistant Professor
BS, Long Island University
MS, Long Island University



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