Summer driving tips

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Temperatures will reach over 100 degrees in parts of the country, and hot weather can really strain your battery. Protect yourself by checking to see if the posts and connections are free of corrosion. Just to be on the safe side, always pack a pair of jumper cables in the trunk.
Before you start racking up the miles on the odometer, make sure to check the oil. Changing your oil regularly is a great way to add thousands of miles to the life of your engine.
Every good road trip needs a great mix. So check your coolant/antifreeze levels. If the mixture isn’t the 50:50 water/coolant norm, you may not get the most performance out of your car.
Chances are at some point you’ll get stuck driving in a summer storm, so check your wipers and wiper fluid. If the blades are not wiping well or leaving streaks, that’s a clear sign it’s time to change them.
Inspect your belts and hoses. If you don’t remember when they were last replaced, it’s probably time for some new ones.

Lastly, check your tire pressure and tread. Not only will good tires improve gas mileage but the last thing you want to do is change a flat by the side of the road on a hot July day.
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Wherever you go this summer, Autobahn Imports wishes you a safe and happy Fourth of July.



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