Auto Repair Tips for the consumers.

by | Nov 22, 2011 | News Letters | 1 comment

Radiator Repair Eugene

 A word of advice to all auto repair consumers. Find a shop you trust and you are comfortable working with and stay with them. Having multiple shops working on your car you are making yourself vulnarable to, he did it, they did it, who did it and we did not do it, mess. Do yourself a favor. Avoid having your car repaired and serviced by multiple shops, if it can be done, this empowers you to hold the shop accountable for warranty issues.


1 Comment

  1. Francisco Bravo

    I agree but staying with one auto repair shop means that the work done there is quality and professional. And we all know that this isn’t always the case. But YES – stay with the same shop as long as you can – to keep history of the services and for warranty issues – as you said 🙂


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