Brake Repair in Eugene

by | Aug 15, 2011 | News Letters | 0 comments

Brake repair in Eugene by Autobahn Imports.  Autobahn Imports offers reliable quality brake repairs and we are capable and equipped to repair, service the following components in your Asian and European Automotive.

  • Brake diagnosis with scanner.
  • ABS brake diagnosis and repair.
  • Traction control module analysis.
  • Brake Fluid Flush.
  • Brake line replacement.
  • Rotor and Pad replacement.
  • Caliper Replacement.
  • Purging Air from brake systems.
  • Repairing Brake lights.
  • Scan on board brake modules.

If your Automobile isn’t stopping like it should,  bring it to Autobahn Imports in Eugene today for a FREE COURTESY inspection of your car brakes! Call 541-688-2227 for an appointment.




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