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ALLDATA Repair is the #1 Provider of OEM services and repair information for 1982-to-current vehicles. It is used by more professionals than other paper or online auto repair manuals. As a professional automotive repair shop, we need current, comprehensive OEM information to meet the complex repair demands of today’s automobiles. ALLDATA Repair delivers the information we need with the convenience and speed of the internet.

ALLDATA Repair’s OEM service and repair information offers more than printed and online auto repair manuals.

ALLDATA Repair (Online) is a powerful, easy-to-use online tool that helps us get to the actual car problems in a record time. The information is unedited and updated regularly. We are your one-stop Auto Repair shop and we have eliminated the need for bulky, obsolete paper auto repair manuals. With the help of Alldata and Allsystemsmax an automotive repair shop management software we are able to meet the demands placed on us. We have been using iSCAN II the ultimate automotive scanner to correctly diagnose and repair cars at our facility.

We are focused on Increased Technicians efficiency and build customer loyalty as we accurately and efficiently repair more makes and models with online ALLDATA Repair.

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