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Autobahn Imports in Eugene, Oregon specializes in servicing and repairing European and Asian made cars. We have all the latest tools and ASE certified master technicians to meet your Auto repair needs. Our certified technicians are well trained to use the leading industry scanners to quickly and accurately diagnose today’s complex Cars.

The International Automotive Technicians’ Network is the largest network of automotive repair professionals in the world: a group of 71,698 from 158 countries. The members of this group exchange technical knowledge with their peers around the globe, sharing over1.6 million years of experience. We are proud to be a sponsor of Iatn.

In addition to performing routine Car maintenance services our technicians have the knowledge and experience to service and repair following cars and systems in your cars.

European Cars

BMW Repair Eugene


Asian Automotive

Asian Auto Repair Eugene


Factory recommended service schedules.

ServicesDue by mileageBy time
Tune up – Major30,000-60,0002  years
Lube Oil & Filter Service3,000 – 10,0004 month
Brake Inspection15,000 – 20,0001 year
Automatic Transmission Service30,0002 years
Manual Transmission Service50,0003 years
Coolant Change50,0002 years
Wheel Bearing inspection30,0002 years
Valve adjustment30,0002 years
Timing belt60,000 –  90,0004 years
Cooling System Hoses60,000 – 100,0004 years
Belts60,000 – 100,0004 years
Idle air control service30,0002 years
Brake system Flush30,0002 years
Power Steering Fluid Flush60,0004 years
AC inspection30,0002 years
Scan engine for malfunction15,0001 year
Scan systems for malfunction15,0001 year
Differential/Transaxle Service60,0004 years
Coolant thermostat45,0003 years
Tire Rotation5,000 – 7,5006 months
Scan on board modules15,0001 year

Automotive Services we provide

Autobahn Imports in Eugene, Oregon provides these following services for your cars at great cost savings to you. We are your best alternative to dealer repair facility. We can service, maintain your autos and help you keep your new car warranty.

Transmission Service.Fuel Injection system repairs.
Alternator diagnosis & repairsHeater and Defroster repairs.
Axle and Drive train repairs.Manual transmission repairs.
Air Bag repairs/ replacement.Maintenance schedule Tuneup
Air conditioning repairs.Mufflers & Exhaust Repairs
Brake, ABS diagnosis & repairs.Noise/Odor Diagnosis/repairs.
Cooling system repairs. Oil and filter change.
Catalytic converters.Performance Diagnosis.
Computer system repairs.Power seat repairs.
Clutch diagnosis and repairs.Power window repairs.
Drive train diagnosis/repairs.Pre purchase Inspections.
Emission control systems.Radiator repair/replacement.
Engine diagnosis & repairs.Scan Car Systems for codes.
Electrical systems repairs.Scan Engine for codes.

We at Autobahn import in Eugene offer to inspect all these items in any car and give a written report at no cost to motorists.

Free Inspection every month.

Engine Oil Level.
Coolant Level
Check Exterior and Safety Lights
Power Steering Fluid
Tire Pressures and Condition
Windshield Washer Fluid

Free inspection every 3 months.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Battery and Cables
Accessory Belts
Engine Air Filter
Coolant Level
Coolant Hoses
Check Exterior and Safety Lights.
Power Steering Fluid
Tire Pressures and Condition
Windshield Washer Fluid

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